[IPython-user] %doctest_mode alters nosep 1 setting

Jeff Kowalczyk jtk@yahoo....
Tue Jan 29 17:50:15 CST 2008

(reposted after subscribing, apologies for any duplicate in the queue)

I use the following in my ipythonrc:

prompt_in1 '>>> '
prompt_in2 '... '
prompt_out ''
separate_in 0
separate_out 0
separate_out2 0
nosep 1

At startup, the propmt behaves much like the python console, as intended.
Once I enable >>> %doctest-mode, I get a newline after input, as if the
configuration were: separate_in \n.

How do I inspect this setting, and where can I modify the doctest-mode
profile in my local ~/.ipython/ so that it no longer has this output


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