[IPython-user] Iron Python and Visual Basic 2005 (or 2008) Express

Dick Moores rdm@rcblue....
Wed Jan 30 07:47:25 CST 2008

This is probably a totally naïve and silly idea,
but I thought I'd run it by the IPython list anyway.

Years ago I learned a bit of Visual Basic (VB6,
IIRC) at a community college. About a year ago I
downloaded the free Visual Basic 2005 Express
but didn't do much with it.

But I was wondering if it was possible to write
Python code in Iron Python and use it somehow in
Visual Basic 2005 (or 2008) Express. VB seemed a very easy
way to create a GUI, but of course I prefer Python for the code.

So, possible/impossible/impractical/foolish/Pythonically_traitorous?


Dick Moores

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