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Edward Ream edreamleo@yahoo....
Wed Jan 30 09:18:01 CST 2008

Fernando wrote:

I think this is excellent; Leo has a strong community and a good
following, so definitely better integration between the two will be a
plus for all.

We'll want to make sure that we get good modularity in the various
components, so that we can really reuse the key abstractions (an
'ipython engine' that can execute python code and provide all the
goodies of today's ipython) across:

- A terminal-based in-process ipython, much like today's
- WX/Qt/GTK graphical shells.
- A browser-based (javascript) environment
- As nodes of a parallel/distributed computing environment.
- Leo
- etc...
[end quote]

I am so glad that we Ville is taken up the project of cooperation
between Leo and IPython.  This has been my dream for several years.

I am hoping that we can produce one or more prototypes for support
for IPython in Leo without waiting for the grand refactoring.
This might be possible because any kind of hack is allowed in
a prototype :-)  My preliminary thoughts (napkin designs) are in the



Ville's excitement is contagious.  Any comments will be welcome either
here or at Leo's forums.

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