[IPython-user] Ruminations on Leo + IPython

Flavio Coelho fccoelho@gmail....
Wed Jan 30 10:11:22 CST 2008

Sorry for extending this Leo thread on the Ipython list (I hope the
moderator doesn't mind), but since I am not on the Leo list, I will quickly
answer some of the comments on my original message.

On Jan 29, 2008 7:01 PM, Kent Tenney <ktenney@gmail.com> wrote:

> Howdy from the Leo camp,
> >
> > > Interesting ideas,
> > >  Leo is the editor that I "would love to love (and use)" but can't
> really do
> > > anything useful with it...
> I'm at that stage with IPython, I can tell it's great, but haven't
> yet been able to incorporate it into my work habits.

Ipython was very natural to since it only fills in the missing features of
the python interpreter shell. So to take advantage of it wasn't very hard
for me. Leo, on the other hand, requires, IMVHO, a drastic shift in my
working paradigm, So every time I go back to it to check if this initial
impedance has diminished, I am left with the feeling that "it actually may
be useful, but I can't quite figure out how". I can write an run a Python
script in it, but I don't perceive  that doing this on Leo is more
productive than doing the in a more traditional IDE such as Emacs or Eric.
Maybe I am am approaching it with the wrong frame of mind....

> > > Maybe if you can get it integrated with Ipython, I will finally be
> able to
> > > use it
> >
> > Do not make the mistake of trying to develop a program with it ;-)
> Some of us find it a wonderful tool for developing programs. :-]

Could you point me  to some documentation  explaining  what would be the
ideal workflow to develop a serious (Multi-package, multi-modules) Python
project within Leo? I am seriously interested. May be even how to import a
project into Leo?

> >
> > Using it for programming requires drinking a dose of 'literate
> > programming' kool-aid, which may not be your cup of tea
> Not at all. Leo doesn't `require` any kool-aid,
> all it's `literate` capabilities are completely optional.

I have always  found that the concept of literate programming interesting,
but the required markup seem to go again the Python philosophy of making the
source code of a program an easy to read thing... Maybe Leo helps in this
respect, I don't know... Actually the first time I came across Leo (years
ago) it was due to a search for adequate tools for literate programming(in
python). IMO, literate programming shouldn't get in your way while
programming, thats why currently, all the "literature" in my programs are
the docstrings ;-)

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