[IPython-user] Leo + IPython: a working prototype!

Edward Ream edreamleo@yahoo....
Wed Jan 30 12:40:01 CST 2008

With Ville's essential assistance, I have created a working prototype that allows Leo and IPython to work together in a way I never dreamed would be possible.

Full details at:

This page contains the full Leo script, and commentary, including this:

This script runs IPython in the console window from which Leo was launched.
Remarkably, Leo and IPython can run simultaneously.
It is not necessary to stop IPython in order for Leo to get the latest results!
That is, the following script can be run as many times as desired, and each time
the script is run it will print the results generated by IPython since the last
time the script was run(!!)
I never, ever, dreamed something this simple would work.

Notice: the prototype is already a complete success.
At present, the script below prints new results to the IPython tab in Leo's log pane.
But the script could easily be changed so that the script creates nodes in the Leo outline instead.
Thus, this script already demonstrates the full organizational power of Leo.
[end quote]

I'll probably move most of the announcement/design stuff to this wiki page and its ancestors, so if you want updates it would be best to subscribe to some or all of Leo's wiki pages.

A great day for Leo and IPython.  Thanks for your help and encouragement.

Edward K. Ream   email:  edreamleo@yahoo.com
Leo: http://webpages.charter.net/edreamleo/front.html

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