[IPython-user] IPython and colors setting

Doug Farrell dfarrell@mypublisher....
Fri Jul 11 10:53:00 CDT 2008

Hi all,


I'm intrested in Ipython, but have been disappointed that it always
comes up in black and white on my screen. I've looked at the rc file and
it set to come up in Linux colors, and I've tried setting the colors to
Linux when running it from the command line, but no luck so far. I'm
running Ipython version 0.8.4 on a CentOS 4 system, 32 bit mode. I'm
connecting to the system primarily with Putty, but have also tried
xterm, konsole and SecureCRT, also with no luck. These terminals display
other things (ls, emacs, vi, etc.) in color. Does anyone have any ideas
or suggestions that might help me get the system into color mode?




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