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Wed Jul 16 21:56:16 CDT 2008

> Mmh, I'm afraid that I'll need a more reproducible test case than
> that, with the actual tracebacks,  to give you a suggestion.  Because
> the generic case of "import foo, foo missing, install foo, repeat
> import foo" does work:
> You can also try IPython's dreload():
> dreload(foo)
> which attempts a recursive reload.
> But yes, in summary, module reloading in python in general is a bit of
> an unpleasant  mess.
> Cheers,
> f

Well, what can I say?  It seems to work now.  I dont know what to say, it
was driving me crazy repeatedly until just now with all sorts of modules.
dreload, i did not know about, I shall once again place IPython in my
coveted #4 spot in my .screenrc  removing irssi.  Thanks.

Kevin Beckford
Technical Lead,
Lazyweb Construction Company,
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