[IPython-user] Eclipse, Pydev, and IPython

Ryan Krauss ryanlists@gmail....
Thu Jul 17 13:53:24 CDT 2008

I ran acrossed a couple of threads about IPython and Ecplise via
PyDev, but don't see any resolution.  I am curious if Ecplise can
easily be made to use IPython instead of python when it runs a script.
 As I try and force python on more students, the dos prompt looking
IPython and having to cd to the correct directory still frightens
some.  Eclipse has a nice run button that makes it feel IDE-ish.  But
if I plot something and don't close the windows and then run the
script again, it seems like it spawns a new python thread and creates
more windows.  This is what I would expect from not using IPython
(which it currently isn't).

Has anyone out there easily configured eclispe and IPython to play together?

Alternatively, I was thinking of creating a little wxPython app that
is basically an IPython console with browse and edit buttons.  The
edit button would just make a system call that opens whatever file we
are currently running in a editor that has been specified in the
preferences or something.  Basically, can I make IPython, matplotlib,
and scipy feel enough like matlab that my students are less
intimitated by the forced switch.



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