[IPython-user] confirm exit 0 the default?

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Tue Jul 22 04:04:02 CDT 2008

> Well, I also hate it and immediately disable it :)  But I do worry
> that Ctrl-D is pretty easy to hit accidentally and would rather not
> kill unsuspecting users' sessions.
> Keep in mind that %Exit/%Quit is *always* an unconditional exit
> (though it is more typing...)
> This is one of those cases where  we're likely to always have someone
> be unhappy.  But I'd actually be willing to change the default if most
> users would prefer it that way, I honestly don't care much.

I do, because the default is the thing that most people including me
use. I work on many computers and I am lazy to setup each program, so
I prefer the default to be the way I want (obviously:). Another
argument against the change is simply that every change is bad,
because people are used to it and they know how to workaround it. But
still, I'd be at least interested what majority prefers.

We need much more input for this, from everyone: what do you prefer,
confirm yes or no?


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