[IPython-user] %who et al give too much

Yichun Wei yichun.wei@gmail....
Mon Jul 28 15:01:44 CDT 2008

I only know the following

16>  whos ndarray
Variable   Type       Data/Info
a          ndarray    : 1 elems, type `int32`, 4 bytes

17>  whos type
Variable   Type       Data/Info
ndenumerate       type    <class 'numpy.lib.index_tricks.ndenumerate'>
ndindex           type    <class 'numpy.lib.index_tricks.ndindex'>
number            type    <type 'numpy.number'>
object0           type    <type 'numpy.object_'>
object_           type    <type 'numpy.object_'>
poly1d            type    <class 'numpy.lib.polynomial.poly1d'>
recarray          type    <class 'numpy.core.records.recarray'>

17>  whos function
vsplit                    function    <function vsplit at 0x8820e2c>
vstack                    function    <function vstack at 0x8820d84>
who                       function    <function who at 0x8814b54>
window_hanning            function    <function window_hanning at 0x8c123ac>

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 6:24 AM, Michael Graber
<michael@ini.phys.ethz.ch> wrote:
> Hi all
> I have the problem that when using %who or %whos, alos %who_ls i do
> not only get the variables and functions defined by myself but also
> loads of of other functions and variables, like in the example at the
> bottom, where only 'data' is a variable i introduced.
> I'm using a Mac OS 10.5.3 and ipython 0.8.3.svn.r3001. I've installed
> the readline-2.5.1-py2.5-macosx-10.5-i386.egg via easy_install ...
> This is not how it was meant to be?! Anybody an idea?
> thanks,
> michael
> **********
> In [6]: %who
> ALLOW_THREADS   Annotation      Arrow   Artist  AutoLocator     Axes    BUFSIZE Button
> Circle  DAILY   DataSource      DateFormatter   DateLocator     DayLocator      ERR_CALL
> FPE_UNDERFLOW   FR      False_  Figure  FigureCanvasBase        FixedFormatter
> FixedLocator    FormatStrFormatter      Formatter
> FuncFormatter   HOURLY  HourLocator     IndexDateFormatter      IndexLocator    Inf
> Infinity        LinAlgError     Line2D
> LinearLocator   Locator LogFormatter    LogFormatterExponent
> LogFormatterMathtext    LogLocator      MAXDIMS MINUTELY        MO
> MONTHLY MachAr  MaxNLocator     MinuteLocator   MonthLocator    MultipleLocator
> NaN     Normalize       NullFormatter   NullLocator     PINF    PZERO   PackageLoader
> PolarAxes       Polygon
> RAISE   RRuleLocator    RankWarning     Rectangle       SA      SECONDLY
> SHIFT_UNDERFLOW SU      ScalarFormatter ScalarType      SecondLocator   Slider
> SubplotTool     TH      TU
> Tester  Text    TickHelper      True_   UFUNC_BUFSIZE_DEFAULT   UFUNC_PYVALS_NAME
> WeekdayLocator  Widget  YEARLY  YearLocator     absolute        acorr   add
> add_docstring   add_newdoc
> add_newdocs     alen    all     allclose        alltrue alterdot        amap    amax    amin
> angle   annotate        any     append  apply_along_axis        apply_over_axes approx_real
> arange  arccos
> arccosh arcsin  arcsinh arctan  arctan2 arctanh argmax  argmin  argsort
> argwhere        around  array   array2string    array_equal     array_equiv     array_repr
> array_split     array_str
> arrow   asanyarray      asarray asarray_chkfinite       ascontiguousarray       asfarray
> asfortranarray  asmatrix        asscalar
> atleast_1d      atleast_2d      atleast_3d      autumn  average axes    axhline axhspan
> axis
> axvline axvspan bar     barh    bartlett        base_repr       bench   beta    binary_repr
> bincount        binomial        bitwise_and     bitwise_not     bitwise_or      bitwise_xor
> bivariate_normal        blackman        bmat
> bone    bool8   bool_   box     boxplot broadcast       broadcast_arrays        broken_barh
> byte
> byte_bounds     bytes   c_      can_cast        cast    cdouble ceil    center_matrix
> central_diff_weights
> cfloat  char    character       chararray       chisquare       cholesky        choose  cla     clabel
> clf     clim    clip    clongdouble     clongfloat      close   cm      cohere  colorbar
> colorbar_doc    colormaps       colors  column_stack    comb    common_type
> compare_chararrays      complex128      complex256
> complex64       complex_        complexfloating compress        concatenate     cond    conj
> conjugate       connect
> contour contourf        conv    convolve        cool    copper  copy    corrcoef        correlate
> cos     cosh    cov     cross   csd     csingle csv2rec ctypeslib       cumprod
> cumproduct      cumsum  data    date2num        datestr2num     dedent  degrees delaxes
> delete
> demean  deprecate       deprecate_with_doc      derivative      det     detrend
> detrend_linear  detrend_mean    detrend_none
> diag    diagflat        diagonal        diagonal_matrix diff    digitize        disconnect      disp
> dist
> dist_point_to_segment   divide  doc     dot     double  drange  draw
> draw_if_interactive     dsplit
> dstack  dtype   e       ediff1d eig     eigh    eigvals eigvalsh        emath
> empty   empty_like      entropy epoch2num       equal   errorbar        errstate
> exception_to_str        exp
> exp_safe        expand_dims     expm1   exponential     extract eye     f       fabs    factorial
> factorial2      factorialk      fastCopyAndTranspose    fft     fft2    fftfreq fftn
> fftpack fftpack_lite
> fftshift        fftsurr figaspect       figimage        figlegend       figtext figure  fill    find
> find_common_type        findobj finfo   fix     flag    flatiter        flatnonzero     flatten
> flexible
> fliplr  flipud  float128        float32 float64 float_  floating        floor
> floor_divide
> fmod    format_parser   frange  frexp   frombuffer      fromfile        fromfunction
> fromfunction_kw fromiter
> frompyfunc      fromregex       fromstring      fv      gamma   gca     gcf     gci     generic
> geometric       get     get_array_wrap  get_backend     get_cmap
> get_current_fig_manager get_include     get_numarray_include
> get_numpy_include
> get_plot_commands       get_printoptions        get_scale_docs  get_scale_names
> get_sparse_matrix       get_state       get_xyz_where   getbuffer       getbufsize
> geterr  geterrcall      geterrobj       getp    ginput  gradient        gray    greater
> greater_equal
> grid    gumbel  hamming hanning helper  hexbin  hfft    hist    histogram
> histogram2d     histogramdd     hlines  hold    hot     hsplit  hstack  hsv
> hypergeometric
> hypot   i0      identity        ifft    ifft2   ifftn   ifftshift       ihfft   iinfo
> imag    imread  imshow  index_exp       indices inexact inf     info    infty
> inner   insert  inside_poly     int0    int16   int32   int64   int8    int_
> int_asbuffer    intc    integer interactive     interp  intersect1d
> intersect1d_nu  intp    inv
> invert  ioff    ion     ipmt    irefft  irefft2 irefftn irfft   irfft2
> irfftn  irr     is_numlike      is_string_like  iscomplex       iscomplexobj    isfinite
> isfortran       ishold
> isinf   isinteractive   isnan   isneginf        isposinf        ispower2        isreal  isrealobj
> isscalar
> issctype        issubclass_     issubdtype      issubsctype     iterable        ix_     jet     kaiser
> kron
> l1norm  l2norm  lapack_lite     laplace ldexp   left_shift      legend  lena    less
> less_equal      levypdf lexsort liaupunov       linalg  linspace        little_endian
> load    loads
> loadtxt log     log10   log1p   log2    logical_and     logical_not     logical_or
> logical_xor
> logistic        loglog  lognormal       logseries       logspace        longcomplex     longdouble
> longest_contiguous_ones longest_ones
> longfloat       longlong        lookfor lstsq   ma      mat     math    matrix  matrix_power
> matshow maximum maximum_sctype  may_share_memory        mean    mean_flat       median
> memmap  meshgrid
> mfuncC  mgrid   minimum mintypecode     mirr    mlab    mod     modf    movavg
> mpl     msort   multinomial     multiply        multivariate_normal     mx2num  nan
> nan_to_num      nanargmax
> nanargmin       nanmax  nanmin  nansum  nbytes  ndarray ndenumerate     ndim    ndindex
> negative        negative_binomial       new_figure_manager      newaxis newbuffer
> noncentral_chisquare    noncentral_f    nonzero norm
> norm_flat       normal  normalize       normpdf not_equal       np      nper    npv     num2date
> num2epoch       number  obj2sctype      object0 object_ ogrid   oldnumeric      ones
> ones_like
> orth    outer   over    packbits        pade    pareto  pcolor  pcolormesh      permutation
> pi      pie     piecewise       pink    pinv    pkgload place   plot    plot_date
> plotfile        plotting        plt     pmt     poisson polar   poly    poly1d  poly_below
> poly_between    polyadd polyder polydiv polyfit polyint polymul polysub
> polyval
> popd    power   ppmt    prctile prctile_rank    prepca  prism   prod    product
> psd     ptp     put     putmask pv      pylab_setup     qr      quiver  quiverkey
> r_      radians rand    randint randn   random  random_integers random_sample   ranf
> rank    rate    ravel   rayleigh        rc      rcParams        rcParamsDefault rcdefaults      real
> real_if_close   rec     rec2csv rec_append_field        rec_drop_fields rec_join
> recarray        reciprocal      record
> refft   refft2  refftn  relativedelta   rem     remainder       repeat  require reshape
> resize  restoredot      rfft    rfft2   rfftn   rgrids  right_shift     rint    rk4
> rms_flat        roll    rollaxis        roots   rot90   round_  row_stack       rrule   s_
> safe_eval       sample  save    savefig savetxt savez   scatter sci     sctype2char
> sctypeDict      sctypeNA        sctypes searchsorted    seed    segments_intersect
> select  semilogx        semilogy
> set_numeric_ops set_printoptions        set_state       set_string_function
> setbufsize      setdiff1d       seterr  seterrcall      seterrobj
> setmember1d     setp    setxor1d        shape   short   show    show_config     shuffle sign
> signbit signedinteger   silent_list     sin     sinc    single  singlecomplex   sinh
> size
> slopes  solve   sometrue        sort    sort_complex    source  specgram        spectral        split
> spring  spy     sqrt    sqrtm   square  squeeze standard_cauchy
> standard_exponential    standard_gamma
> standard_normal standard_t      std     stem    step    stineman_interp str_    string0
> string_
> strpdate2num    subplot subplot_tool    subplots_adjust subtract        sum
> sum_flat        summer  suptitle
> svd     swapaxes        switch_backend  table   take    tan     tanh    tensordot       tensorinv
> tensorsolve     test    text    thetagrids      tile    title   trace   transpose       trapz
> tri     triangular      tril    trim_zeros      triu    true_divide     twinx   twiny   typeDict
> typeNA  typecodes       typename        ubyte   ufunc   uint    uint0   uint16  uint32
> uint64  uint8   uintc   uintp   ulonglong       unicode0        unicode_        uniform union1d
> unique  unique1d        unpackbits      unravel_index   unsignedinteger unwrap  ushort
> vander  var
> vdot    vectorize       vlines  void    void0   vonmises        vsplit  vstack
> waitforbuttonpress
> wald    warnings        weibull where   who     window_hanning  window_none     winter  x
> xcorr   xlabel  xlim    xscale  xticks  ylabel  ylim    yscale  yticks
> zeros   zeros_like      zipf
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