[IPython-user] Food for thought on python and interactive work

Johann Cohen-Tanugi cohen@slac.stanford....
Tue Jun 3 05:56:35 CDT 2008

FWIW, ipython has a logging capability that would allow you to fire an 
ipython session passing this logfile as argument and then it would 
automatically execute everything there and would (at least 
theoretically) set you back to the same status as you were when you 
exited the preceding session.
I know, it is different than 'save workspace' and I +1 on this feature 
request as well, but I find this logging capability not enough publicized!

Robin wrote:
> While on the topic of interactive work with IPython I thought I'd add
> that a feature I would love to see would be an easy way to do the
> MATLAB equivalent of 'save workspace'; that is easily with one quick
> command save all the user defined local variables.
> At the moment when I need this sort of thing I make a dict of all the
> objects I want to save and pickle it - obviously there are problems
> with unpicklable objects, but more often I just forget a variable or
> object that I should have saved.
> Actually it would also be handy to get a list of user defined objects
> - like whos but without all the pollution from builtins (I use
> numpy/scipy) to help with this.
> Robin

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