[IPython-user] pydb follow-up

Tony Mannucci Anthony.J.Mannucci@jpl.nasa....
Wed Jun 4 10:56:04 CDT 2008

Thanks to Fernando for helping me navigate pydb and version 0.8.4.

Some further remarks:

I find the alias command useful. One can do this (all in pydb):

>set listsize 10
>alias ss step ;; list

Executing the new command "ss" will now print 10 lines around the 
current code position. I find this useful (three lines not enough).

The source command works, so a file can be used to store complex 
debugger commands (e.g. breakpoints in any file, conditional 
breakpoints, etc.). One does

>source 'filename'

Now for command history files. The stored command history (stored on 
exit from pydb within ipython) only stores ipython commands. The 
history contains no pydb commands. Running stand-alone pydb, the 
history contains the pydb commands also. Something to think about for 
another day.

Final note: pydb 1.23 seems to be broken working with ipython. Will 
alert pydb team.


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