[IPython-user] Disabling the readline completion "are you sure" and paging

Ville M. Vainio vivainio@gmail....
Fri Jun 20 04:51:59 CDT 2008

On linux, readline completion queries whether you really want to
complete when there are many items, and also runs the completion query
list through pager. I'm starting to feel this is rather annoying, and
against the typical ipython usage patterns.

You can disable it by doing:

import readline
readline.parse_and_bind('set completion-query-items 1000')
readline.parse_and_bind('set page-completions no')

Is there anyone that actually likes the default behaviour? I'm asking
this because I'd like to change the default behaviour to give a better
out-of-the-box experience for linux users. If there is someone that
likes the default behaviour, I'll add these (commented out, of course)
in template ipy_user_conf.py. Otherwise, I'll add it to
ipy_defaults.py or ipy_profile_sh.py

Ville M. Vainio - vivainio.googlepages.com
blog=360.yahoo.com/villevainio - g[mail | talk]='vivainio'

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