[IPython-user] Directory not found

John E. Conlon jconlon@verticon....
Fri May 2 14:44:44 CDT 2008

I installed ipython from root with

easy_install ipython

When I startup ipython I get.

Installation error. IPython's directory was not found.

Check the following:

The ipython/IPython directory should be in a directory belonging to your
PYTHONPATH environment variable (that is, it should be in a directory
belonging to sys.path). You can copy it explicitly there or just link to it.

Not sure where or what directory ipython/IPython is.  My sys.path looks like
In [2]: sys.path

While I can ignore this error and use ipython, it does not recognize my 
ipythonrc config file in my $HOME/.ipython directory.

any hints to get me untangled would be appreciated,

BTW - I am fairly sure this problem was discussed as a previous topic in 
the maillist,  but I couldn't find a way to search the archives. How do 
I do this?

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