[IPython-user] stderr missing in IPython + Emacs + WinXP

Joe Covalesky joe@nowsol....
Fri May 23 12:35:46 CDT 2008

I'm using:

WinXP Pro SP2
Emacs 22.1.1
ipython.el 2927
python-mode.el 4.75

I can get ipython nominally working in emacs ok so long as I use 
pyreadline 1.3.  If I use more recent releases of pyreadline, none of 
the output prompts/ stdout shows up.

Even with pyreadline1.3 (or with -noreadline), stderr doesn't show up, 

In [2]: from sys import stderr,stdout

In [3]: stdout.write('\nfoo\n')


In [4]: stderr.write('\nbar\n')

In [5]:

Outside of emacs, this works just fine.

Any ideas?


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