[IPython-user] Persistent debugger breakpoints

Tony Mannucci Anthony.J.Mannucci@jpl.nasa....
Tue May 27 01:06:45 CDT 2008

Is there any way to achieve persistent debugger breakpoints with 
ipython? I frequently start a program as so:

run -i -d program.py

and I might set breakpoints manually in the program. When the program 
exits, all those breakpoints are lost and must be re-set on the next 
invocation. I have not figured out a way to do that from the run 
command unless the breakpoint is in program.py. If the breakpoint is 
in program.py, I can use the -b flag in the run command. If it's in 
another file, I can't set the breakpoint.

When the program is re-run, all breakpoints must be re-set manually. 
Is there another way? There does not seem to be a feature to read or 
write log files from the debugger (which could possibly used to help 
with this).

I am using ipython 0.8.2. Thanks!


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