[IPython-user] Running iPython .8.3 with Python 2.3 on Windows

Tony Cappellini cappy2112@gmail....
Fri May 30 09:32:06 CDT 2008

Hello Fernando,

> >>We've obviously let 2.4-isms creep in.  Is upgrading to 2.4 not
> >>easy/feasible for you?

We have a large code base which needs to be migrated, and we will probably
go to 2.5, we just dont have the
manpower to do it now. Ipython isn't critical where I work, I'm the only one
using it. I will run it in a VM where I already have 2.5 installed, but this
will be just for learning, not everyday use.

>>now that actually *needs* 2.4, this was purely accidental (and trivial

It might be good to indicate on the Windows installer filename, that 2.4+ is
required (aor at least in a readme file), as well as having Ipython detect
the appropriate version instead of an unhandled exception occurring.

Although, I would suspect there are probably not many people out there using
2.3 these days ;-)

>>to fix, btw, since sets were already a module in 2.3).  It's just that

The syntax is slightly different in 2.3

> >>But certainly if there's a genuine need  for 2.3 still out there, we
> >>can try to accomodate.  Voices?

I wouldn't say my need is critical, as I am still learning IPython.

> Thanks for the info!
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