[IPython-user] threading and ipython -pylab problem

Gabriel Beckers beckers@orn.mpg...
Tue Nov 4 08:29:58 CST 2008


Just built and installed ipython-0.9.1 as well as matplotlib-0.98.3
without any error messages on the new Ubuntu 8.10. However if I run
"ipython -pylab" I run into a problem (here just an example of opening a
hdf5 file):

  In [2]: tf = tables.openFile('../../data/expadap1.h5','r')
  Warning: Timeout for mainloop thread exceeded
  switching to nonthreaded mode (until mainloop wakes up again)

The variable 'tf' is not created and when I close ipython with ^D, it
doesn't stop until I hit ^C.

This used to work on the previous version of Ubuntu (also ipython and
matplotlib self-compiled). I don't have the problem if I open ipython
without -pylab or with -wthread.

I am not sure if I should address the issue here or to the matplotlist,
but perhaps someone has an idea where to look for a solution.

Best, Gabriel

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