[IPython-user] cd doesn't work on Windows

Elias Bröms elias@eliasit...
Sun Nov 16 00:14:10 CST 2008

2008/11/15 Jörgen Stenarson <jorgen.stenarson@bostream.nu>:

> Have you done any changes to the configuration files for ipython?

No. The only non-standard thing with my installation is that python
was installed by the Panda3D installation. I haven't changed ipython
in any way.

> at the ipython prompt can you try
>>>> import glob
>>>> glob.glob("*")
> The result of this should contain the contents of the directory you are in
> and not c:\. If this is the case then the alias for ls is somehow broken on
> your machine or cd is not working properly.

glob.glob("*") givs me the content of the current directory.

> If you do %alias at the ipython prompt what do you see? I get:
> [('cls', 'cls'),
>  ('copy', 'copy'),
>  ('echo', 'echo'),
>  ('mkdir', 'mkdir'),
>  ('ren', 'ren'),
>  ('rmdir', 'rmdir'),
>  ('ddir', 'dir /ad /on'),
>  ('ldir', 'dir /ad /on'),
>  ('ls', 'dir /on')]

I get the same result as you.

> you could also try !dir, placing ! at the start of the line executes the
> rest of the line as a shell command, which should give you the contents of
> your current directory and not c:\.

I get the contents of C:\.
'pwd' shows me the path to the current directory.
'!cd' shows 'C:\'.


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