[IPython-user] New ipcluster in ellisonbg's trunk-dev

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Sun Nov 16 16:54:26 CST 2008


After a month or so of hacking on and off, I have finished a new
version of the ipcluster script.  This version has lots of new stuff:

* Cross platform (Win32!)

* Much more robust design (using Twisted)

* Uses subcommands (ipcluster local, ipcluster pbs, etc.) for
different cluster types.

* Supports 3 cluster types currently (localhost, pbs, mpirun).

The following just work:

ipcluster local -n 4
ipcluster mpirun -n 16 --mpi-mpi4py
ipcluster pbs -n 128 --pbs-script=pbs.template

But, I am not sure how soon we want to merge this into trunk:

* There are _no_ tests - this type of thing is very difficult to test.
* No docs on this yet ( that is easy to fix).
* The design is gong to change in massive ways - we need to refactor
the config system in significant ways and that will change the API of
* ipcluster itself needs some refactoring.  It turns out that I will
need to begin using Barry's notification center to really get the
design right.


The ipcluster that we shipped with 0.9.1 is very broken.  So...how do
people think we should handle the review and merging of this?  For now
though, you will have to grab my branch to get this.



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