[IPython-user] TaskClient doesn't work after importing a module in MultiEngineClient

Pecevski Dejan dejan@igi.tugraz...
Thu Nov 20 04:45:09 CST 2008

Hi again,

Brian Granger wrote:
>> I import MyUtils both in the client script and in the task script, in
>> the client to
>> start and connect to the cluster and in the engines to use some other
>> functionalities in MyUtils
>> that are not related to the cluster.
>> If I want to avoid the problem, then probably I should split MyUtils in
>> two modules, let's say
>> MyClusterUtils and MyOtherUtils, and import MyClusterUtils only on the
>> client.
> Yes, splitting this up like this would help the problem.

The split of the package solved the issue. Thanks for your help.


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