[IPython-user] Qt gui now usable (sort of) :-)

Ville M. Vainio vivainio@gmail....
Sun Nov 30 13:28:19 CST 2008

You can now actually use the qt ui. It's at  "technology demo" right
now, but basic stuff like tab completion now works. The colors suck
(typical ipython + white background issue), KeyboardInterrupt doesn't
work (apart from doing it in the console window) and it probably has
lots of other problems, but nothing that hasn't been solved in other
gui's already, so it probably won't take forever to polish it.

Input happens in separate scintilla widget, so it requires a bit of a
mindset switch, but nothing too drastic. The big win is simplicity of
multiline editing, and general "statelessness" (autoindent etc).

You can test it out by doing:

bzr branch lp:~villemvainio/ipython/ipython-qt-ui

and running qtipy.py.



Ville M. Vainio

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