[IPython-user] ipython and emacs: X queued for execution

David J Strozzi strozzi2@llnl....
Tue Oct 7 18:19:19 CDT 2008


I am using ipython 0.9.1 with python 2.5.2 on an x86-64 cluster 
running a modified version of a fedora distribution.  I can 
reproducibly get a problem when running .py files from within emacs 
with ipython.  I start emacs.  I load the .py file.  I do C-c C-! 
which starts the interpreter (=ipython).  I do C-c C-c to run the .py 
file.  It runs (usually with an error since I'm debugging).  I change 
the file.  I do C-c C-c and nothing happens.  In the status line at 
the bottom I get

/usr/tmp/python..... queued for execution

and nothing happens.  I have to quit emacs and restart to be able to 
run anything with C-c C-c.

I noticed a post from a few years ago about this.  Apparently no resolution.

I can look and see what files get generated in /usr/tmp and 
elsewhere, maybe see if deleting some manually fixes things.  Either 
way I thought people should know about this.

Also, it's a little odd that the tmp files are in /usr/tmp/ instead 
of /usr/tmp/username/.

David Strozzi

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