[IPython-user] ipython problem on OS X leopard: non-responsive "u" key.

Gary Church gary.church1@comcast....
Tue Oct 7 20:43:52 CDT 2008

Hello ipython users,

I recently queried the list for help on a particularly annoying  
problem with ipython on OS X leopard. When I start ipython from a  
terminal (I use iterm but have tried in regular term as well)  
everything works fine except for the lower-case "u" key, which is  
unresponsive; nothing happens in iterm and I get a "beep" in term.

A kind list-dweller tried helping with some suggestions but, alas, the  
problem remains. This seems strange to me as all other functionality  
(TAB completion, etc...) is present.

If there are ipython, OS X leopard users on this list that aren't  
having any problems with ipython, maybe you could shed some light on  
my problem? I'm not sure where to start looking for a resolution so  
any suggestions are welcome :-)

Thanks much,

Gary Church

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