[IPython-user] ipython on OS X leopard key-press problem unresolved but no (apparent) problem with ipythonx

Gary Church gary.church1@comcast....
Thu Oct 9 19:49:11 CDT 2008


Thanks for the info on increasing font size. Though I've found other  
limitations with this program, I greatly appreciate the work you've  
done on it and the contributions you've made to the python-user  
community. It is work like this, contributed freely to the world, that  
you and others have done that makes me smile. If I ever have the  
capacity to make such a contribution myself, I will surely do so.

Thanks much and future success and happiness to you and yours,

On Oct 8, 2008, at 10:22 PM, Gael Varoquaux wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 09:23:09PM -0700, Barry Wark wrote:
>>> So, things are getting better, but the font in the gui is very small
>>> and there is no apparent way to scale it up larger; it's always
>>> something! lol
>> ipythonx is a new (and still in development) Wx-based frontend for
>> ipython, written by Gael Varoquaux. At least the 'u' key works :)  
>> Gael
>> can tell you much more about it (I'm sure including how to change the
>> font size)...
> The font size can be increased with "Ctrl+", and decreased with  
> "Ctrl-".
> There is no persistence for this. The whole options framework has  
> simply
> not been writen (and the existing one not used). This is an area  
> where it
> would be fairly easy to help.
> I have started at a new research position, and I don't have the time  
> to
> do any serious development in the short run, sorry.
> Gaël

Gary Church

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