[IPython-user] Unresponsive "u" key in ipython on OS X leopard: Problem resolved!

Gary Church gary.church1@comcast....
Sat Oct 11 19:54:22 CDT 2008

Hey everybody,

After pestering the list members for about a week now with a problem I  
had using ipython on OS X leopard (the "u" key was not responding when  
pressed), I thought I would share the problems resolution with you as  
an FYI.

Last night I decided to try ipython using my son's account on my  
macbook pro (we have separate accounts so he won't screw up my  
settings :-) ). Well, it worked fine. This suggested that some  
personal config file in my home directory was the culprit. After some  
trial and error checking I narrowed in on the ".inputrc" file which  

set editing-mode vi
set keymap vi

When I hid this file, quit and restarted iterm then loaded ipython,  
everything seems to be working properly.

Obviously these lines have something to do with vi(m), which I  
typically use for editing, but I don't remember what these lines do. I  
just hope that vim behaves properly without these few lines.

Take care,

Gary Church

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