[IPython-user] debugging in ipython

Tom K. tpk@kraussfamily....
Thu Oct 16 09:19:12 CDT 2008

Hi folks,

I haven't posted here before so let me start by saying "THANK YOU" to  
all the contributors active on this discussion group who have made  
ipython such a great numerical tool.  Also congratulations on the big  
release last month, looks like excellent progress.

I had a question about debugging in ipython [sorry if this is a "FAQ"  
- if there is a way to search the archives, please let me know]:

When I use "pdb" I lose some of the key ipython features; tab  
completion and syntax coloration are the ones I miss the most.  Is  
there another debug module besides pdb, or a way to configure / run  
the debugger within ipython, in order to get these features  
functional at the pdb prompt?

I am using 0.8.4 under Python 2.4.2 but looking at the release notes  
on the subsequent versions of IPython the other night I did not see  
anything about debugging mentioned there.  I enter the debugger as  

 >>> import pdb
 >>> objectInstance = ... create an object ...
 >>> pdb.run('objectInstance.method()', globals(), locals())

   Tom K.

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