[IPython-user] processing.Pool in ipython

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Sat Oct 25 15:47:46 CDT 2008

Robin wrote:
> I forgot to add the version information. I on OS X 10.5 with IPython
> 0.9.1 on python.org python 2.5.1 with processing module v. 0.52.

It might be worth trying the multiprocessing package, instead. During the 
process of getting pyprocessing into Python 2.6, some bugs were fixed. You can 
get the backported version for Python 2.5 here:


In any case, it's not so much of a problem with mixing processing and IPython 
but rather that running scripts via "ipython pool_test.py" is not created the 
right namespaces for pickle to be able to reload it in the subprocesses. I'm not 
sure if this is really a bug or just an unintended but expected consequence of 
some other decision. "ipython foo.py" is *not* intended to replicate "python 
foo.py" exactly.

The example does work when using "%run pool_test.py" which should cover almost 
all use cases.

Robert Kern

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