[IPython-user] Completer

JM Seitz jms@bughunter...
Thu Sep 4 18:16:58 CDT 2008

Sorry for bombarding this list:

So in my Shell(InteractiveShell) class, the init looks like this:

class Shell(InteractiveShell):

    def __init__(self):
        InteractiveShell.__init__(self, "JustinShell")

Now for example if I do:

shell = Shell()
x = "hi.l"

It throws an exception inside init_readline on line 1332:

self.Completer = IPCompleter(self, self.user_ns, self.user_global_ns,
self.rc.readline_omit__names, self.alias_table)

AttributeError: Struct instance has no attribute 'readline_omit__names'

Any love?

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