[IPython-user] Problem with starting ipcontroller & engine twice in succession

Michael Schmuker schmuker@gmail....
Tue Sep 9 13:09:15 CDT 2008


in my application, I need to start a controller and one or several 
engines, perform some computation, kill the engines and the controller, 
and start all over again. My problem is: this only seems to work once.

I attached some sample code which reproduces the problem (as a unittest), 
together with the output on my machine (copy-paste from the console). 
Note that the exception is produced before the second ipengine starts 
writing its log to the console.

I'm running python 2.5.2 on SUSE 11.0 (x86_64), and ipython 0.9rc1 from 
today's bzr.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated! 

Thanks in advance,


Michael Schmuker
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
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