[IPython-user] IPython.kernel.client.Task is not present!

mark starnes m.starnes05@imperial.ac...
Thu Sep 11 15:59:06 CDT 2008

Hi everyone, silly question so please be patient!

Following the IPython documentation, an example for task farming is present on page '104'.
It reads:

QuickStart Task Farming
First, a quick example of how to start running the most basic Tasks. The first step is to import the IPython
client module and then create a TaskClient instance:
In [1]: from IPython.kernel import client
In [2]: tc = client.TaskClient()
Then the user wrap the commands the user want to run in Tasks:
In [3]: tasklist = []
In [4]: for n in range(1000):
      ...        tasklist.append(client.Task("a = %i"%n, pull="a"))

but when I try the last line, client.Task does not exist.  Checking client's contents:

In [5]: dir(client)

Has Task been renamed / moved?  Maybe I've broken things!

I'm using:
Python 2.5.1 (r251:54863, Jan 10 2008, 18:00:49),
IPython 0.9.rc1

Thanks in advance,


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