[IPython-user] Anyone using ipython.el?

Thomas Bach bachth@uni-mainz...
Thu Sep 11 18:45:08 CDT 2008

Rohan Nicholls wrote:
> Hi all,

> I have just installed ipython from bzr, and have added ipython.el to my emacs
> setup.   It is giving me errors, so I thought I would ask if anyone is using
> this library?

I tried so several days ago, it resulted in the following post to this list:

I can't get the TAB-completion to work in ipython.el. I tried both,
ipython.el delivered by the ipython-0.9b3-package and the current
Starting ipython in emacs and inserting e.g. obj<TAB>
I get:
In [2]:    ...: obj

and the minibuffer says, that there is no completion for "obj" (what is
obviously wrong).
Pressing <TAB> once more i get.
In [3]: ------------------------------------------------------------obj

I am using Emacs 22.2.1

Any suggestions?


I didn't get any answers. I didn't manage to contact the maintainer yet,
but having this peace of software running smoothly would be a great thing.

What output do you get?

         Thomas Bach.

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