[IPython-user] IPython-user Digest, Vol 59, Issue 11

David Strozzi david.strozzi@gmail....
Fri Sep 12 11:32:20 CDT 2008

Thanks to Brian for replying to my 2.6/3.0 question.  It looks like
ipython should be viable w/ 2.5.2 for a long time.

>   1. Re: Anyone using ipython.el? (Stefan Schwarzburg)
>   2. Re: Anyone using ipython.el? (Rohan Nicholls)
>   3. Re: IPython.kernel.client.Task is not present! (Brian Granger)

I just wanted to say that I do indeed use ipython within emacs, with
ipython.el.  If you're typing and it's not into an emacs buffer,
something is not right (gmail notwithstanding!).  As I overheard once,
"linux is a nice OS, but I prefer emacs."

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