[IPython-user] Can I configure ipython to output hex format for number?

Wong, Shin Guey shin.guey.wong@intel....
Tue Sep 23 07:41:04 CDT 2008

I added one more line to long number, because all the number I deal with is very big :)

print_hex = result_display.when_type(int)(print_hex)
print_hex = result_display.when_type(long)(print_hex)

Thanks in advance.

Shin Guey

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>for number?
>Thanks and it works!!! Appreciate for your help. :)
>I think most ppl should like to have this kind of tweak and I agree that it
>should add in the documentation.
>Shin Guey
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>>Subject: Re: [IPython-user] Can I configure ipython to output hex format
>>for number?
>>On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 9:46 AM, Wong, Shin Guey
>><shin.guey.wong@intel.com> wrote:
>>> I am using ipython to do some hardware validating stuff and require to
>>read a lot of hex number. I have a lot functions which only return decimal
>>value but when the ipython print it out at the console, I would like it to
>>change it to hex format when it detected the return string is number. Is
>>this doable in ipython?
>>Yes. You can create a new result-displayer for integers by doing this:
>>from IPython.generics import result_display
>>def print_hex(i):
>>  print hex(i)
>>print_hex = result_display.when_type(int)(print_hex)
>>You might want to add this to your ipy_user_conf.py. Actually, this
>>may be a good example to add to the documentation as well.
>>Ville M. Vainio

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