[IPython-user] ipy_profile_pylab.py does not exist---Please advise

Jeremy Conlin jeremit0@gmail....
Tue Sep 23 15:22:31 CDT 2008

Hello list,
I have started using the pylab profile in ipython, but I get an error
message.  I'm not even sure what the error means as far as loss of
functionality, but it's there for a reason.  The message is:

$ ipython -p pylab
WARNING: Could not start with profile 'pylab'!
('/Users/jlconlin/.ipython/ipy_profile_pylab.py' does not exist? run
Enthought Python Distribution (2.5.2001) -- http://code.enthought.com

I can run %upgrade and it seems to work, but never creates the
ipy_profile_pylab.py file.  The next time I try to open ipython with the
pylab profile, I continue to get the same error message.

Can someone show me how to get this file or send me a starter file that I
can put in place?

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