[IPython-user] ipython path completer issue in emacs

Emanuele Olivetti emanuele@relativita....
Wed Sep 24 08:59:56 CDT 2008


while using ipython 0.8.1 (shipped with ubuntu hardy heron 8.04)
inside emacs21 I noticed that TAB completion works partially with
paths. E.g.:
In [9]: cd /home/<TAB><TAB>...<TAB>
returns a list of symbols in namespaces and then the list of filenames
available in the directory where emacs/ipython was executed,
irrespective of the directory issued ("/home" in the example).

This wrong behavior does not happens when ipython is executed
from shell (so outside emacs). I guess it is an ipython.el issue.

Is there a solution?



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