[IPython-user] Pydee <-> Qt frontend for IPython

Pierre Raybaut contact@pythonxy....
Mon Apr 20 16:00:05 CDT 2009

Hi all,

Three months ago, I made an announcement (on SciPy and PyQt4 mailing 
lists regarding a little open-source project of mine, PyQtShell -- that 
is a module providing embeddable console widgets for your PyQt 
applications (interactive Python shell, workspace, working directory 
browser, editor, ...) as well as "Pydee", a PYthon Development 
EnvironmEnt based on these widgets (which could become an interesting 
alternative to IDLE for example).

Pydee features have been greatly enhanced these last weeks -- e.g. 
matplotlib integration (i.e. matplotlib figures can be docked inside 
Pydee which is quite convenient).


Note: As some of you may have noticed, Pydee is intended to be a 
mini-MATLAB environment -- that being said, it still at an early stage 
of development.

Other screenshots and informations:

And last but not least, and that's why I'm posting on this list, the 
next major release of PyQtShell (and Pydee) will be based on IPython 
(instead of code.Interpreter). Embedding IPython in PyQtShell will take 
time... and two steps:
   * phase #1: as you probably already know, Gaël Varoquaux wrote a Wx 
front end for IPython ("wx_frontend.py"), I'm currently porting it to 
PyQt4 and it's almost finished (http://source.pythonxy.com/qt_frontend.png)
   * phase #2: merge this code ("qt_frontend.py") to PyQtShell's code

Currently phase #1 is started and related code is expected to be mature 
at the end of April. Phase #2 will follow and hopefully PyQtShell 0.4.0 
will be released before the end of May.


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