[IPython-user] Pydee <-> Qt frontend for IPython

Pierre Raybaut contact@pythonxy....
Tue Apr 21 05:10:28 CDT 2009

Actually I've been hesitating since the first implementation of PyQtShell:
    + QScintilla pros: faster, a lot of useful features already implemented
    - QScintilla cons: the API is quite ugly, some Scintilla features
aren't implemented so it becomes uglier ("low-level" API to Scintilla
lead to unreadable code)
    + QTextEdit pros: API is very clean, easy to use and lead to code
which is easy to read, to maintain and to extend
    - QTextEdit cons: a lot of code-editing related features are
missing, it's very slow for syntax coloring (I'm sure it could be
improved but why reimplement what's available in QScintilla --
however, it's more a problem for Pydee's editor (to open large files)
than for the console itself) and it's slower when there are lots of
appending indeed (typically less than 2 times slower from my
experience, but I didn't make exhaustive tests on this topic...)

In PyQtShell, there are two terminal widgets : QtTerminal (based on
QTextEdit) and QsciTerminal (based on QScintilla).
With IPython instead of code.InteractiveInterpreter, I will have to
rewrite code and move existing code from a class to another: it will
be faster if I keep supporting only one of these terminals.
Considering the fact that it's simpler to factorize code if I choose
QScintilla for IPython graphical frontends (wx frontend is already
based on wx implementation of Scintilla), I think I'll stop working on
the QTextEdit-based terminal.

So, to answer your question: QScintilla I guess, but I'm not fully convinced!


2009/4/21 Ville M. Vainio <vivainio@gmail.com>:
> On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 11:10 AM, Ville M. Vainio <vivainio@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Great! Will it be based on QScintilla QTextEdit? I'm asking, because
> Meant QScintilla OR QTextEdit...
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> Ville M. Vainio
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