[IPython-user] how to run threaded ipython shell via API?

Robert Cimrman cimrman3@ntc.zcu...
Wed Apr 29 08:06:55 CDT 2009


I am playing with a customized ipython shell a la isympy, which I have 
taken as a start. I have tweaked it into what I call isfepy and it runs 
pretty well, for example:

In [1]: pb, vec, data = pde_solve('input/poisson.py')
In [2]: view = Viewer(pb.get_output_name())
In [3]: view()

[1] solves a Poisson equation in 3D by the finite elements, [2] 
constructs a mayavi2 viewer, and [3] displays the results using the 
mayavi's mlab.show()

Now back to the subject - is it possible to make view() non-blocking? 
Currently the shell waits till the mayavi2 window is closed.

I have tried running './isfepy -- -pylab' and similar options (-*thread) 
which were passed into IPython.Shell.make_IPython(), but it did not do 
what I had expected: there were no matplotlib symbols imported, and both 
pylab.show(), and mlab.show() blocked. The same holds for isympy by the way.

thanks for ipython, cheers!
Robert Cimrman

PS: to try it (not easy yet!), do:
$ git clone git://github.com/rc/sfepy.git
$ cd sfepy
$ git checkout -b isfepy origin/isfepy

Then follow the sfepy installation instruction (sfepy.org). Mayavi2 (at 
least 3.1.0) needs to be installed too.

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