[IPython-user] SciPy2009 BoF Wiki Page

David Warde-Farley dwf@cs.toronto....
Thu Aug 13 16:20:25 CDT 2009

I needed a short break from some heavy writing, so on Fernando's  
suggestion I took to the task of aggregating together mailing list  
traffic about the BoFs next week. So far, 4 have been proposed, and  
I've written down under "attendees" the names of anyone who has  
expressed interest (except in Perry's case, where I've only heard it  
via proxy). The page is at


I've created sections below that are hyperlink targets for the topic  
of the session, if someone more knowledgeable of that domain can fill  
in those sections, please do.

Edit away, and see you next week! (And if someone can forward this to  
the Matplotlib list, I'm not currently subscribed)


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