[IPython-user] A plugin to use IPython like an IDE with an editor -- feedback requested

Minjae Kim the.minjae@gmail....
Thu Aug 27 01:00:02 CDT 2009


I wrote a new ipython plugin for Editra editor, based on pre-existing
ipython plugin for the editor made by Laurent Dufréchou (with prior
permission granted).  It is still in testing stage, and I would like to ask
the community for feedback (I made the plugin a couple of months ago and
made some recent changes).

The plugin is intended to integrate ipython with Editra editor (
http://editra.og) as I miss MATLAB's nice integration of interactive
shell+editor+graphical debugger.

Some of the features of this plug in are (more at
1. graphically settable breakpoints by clicking the left margin of the code
2. synchronized highlighting of currently debugged line in the editor window
3. keyboard shortcut to run or debug the current file (no need for magic

The plug in is available as an .egg file at

Granted, there is much left to be improved, so I would like some feedback.


Best Regards,
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