[IPython-user] Parallel computation

Robert Ferrell ferrell@diablotech....
Thu Dec 10 13:25:18 CST 2009

I'm trying to learn to run some embarrassingly parallel tasks with  
IPython.  If I start an interactive session and type:

import IPython
from IPython.kernel import client
tc = client.TaskClient()

at the prompt, I get going fine.  If I put those commands in a file  
and run them as a script, that's fine.  But, if I put them in a file  
and import the file into an interactive IPython session, it hangs when  
I try to get a TaskClient.  I've been looking through the docs to  
understand why, but haven't found my answer.  Can anybody explain what  
the difference is?

I'm on OS X 10.6,  Python 2.6.1, ipython 0.10.


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