[IPython-user] replace IPython's mailing lists with a forum

Steven Bluen sbluen153@yahoo....
Mon Dec 21 23:38:51 CST 2009

I would like it if IPython's developers would replace our mailing lists with a centralized forum, for several reasons.

1. Redundant anti-spam measures on both gmane and the newsgroup itself may cause your messages to be silently discarded if you authorized yourself only on gmane.

2. Replying to a message from yahoo, which gives your message the subject line of "Re: [IPython-user] questions about shell capture", also causes your message to be silently discarded.

3. Simply the fact that you need to copy the newsgroup's email address or find it in your contact list, every time you post. For the alternative, gmane, I've already had problems with its anti-spam measures.

For these reasons, I would in fact say that mailing lists are obsolete mediums of discussion. I'd like to know if other people agree with me on this.


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