[IPython-user] ipython won't take >b< from the keyboard

Python Nutter pythonnutter@gmail....
Sun Feb 1 04:09:21 CST 2009

How did you install iPython? I am taking it from the text you
downloaded a binary installer for OS X.

I have not had problems with iPython and the >b< key on my OS X
systems but I install mine a different way than downloading a binary

If  I want it just for my account I omit the sudo but normally I do it
system wide thusly on OS X systems:

$sudo easy_install readline
$sudo easy_install ipython



and I'm up and going.

I don't edit iPython config files except to link to an editor when typing
In [2]: edit test.py

Usually i point it to Vim or nano depending on what system I am on.

If you did the binary installer method and want to give the egg
installer method a try. If there is no uninstaller, just remove your
~/.python folder then traverset your site-packages and manually do it
if it ends up there (not sure as I don't binary install it) might as
well check out scripts (windows) folder as well (bin on OS X).

If you don't system wide install then you get the installation into
your user directory so you have to hunt around:


OS X/Unix/Posix/Linux is a tiny bit more to admin than Windows as you
get the feature of site-wide and on a per-user basis. This of course
makes it two things to check out when troubleshooting =P


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