[IPython-user] how to use line_profiler, %lprun

Gary Pajer gary.pajer@gmail....
Mon Feb 9 17:30:31 CST 2009

I can't figure out how to use %lprun.
kernprof from the os command line works fine.
I have the two set-up lines in ipy_user_conf.py

I have script, say:

def foo(a,b):
    return a+b


which is saved as test.py

I guessed
%lprun -f foo test.py
no, that's not it.

the docstring has "<expression>" in it, not
"<name-of-script-to-profile>", so maybe
%lprun -f foo import test
but that's not it either.

I added the @profile decorator.  No, not yet
%lprun test.py
does work with the decorator)

What's the right thing to do?


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