[IPython-user] Simple question about %whos command

Gökhan SEVER gokhansever@gmail....
Fri Feb 20 16:52:00 CST 2009


My first question on this list:

In [1]: a = arange(0,5)

In [2]: b = arange(5,10)

In [3]: c = arange(10,15)

In [4]: whos
Variable   Type       Data/Info
b          ndarray    5: 5 elems, type `int32`, 20 bytes
c          ndarray    5: 5 elems, type `int32`, 20 bytes

Why is my "a" array not being listed on the output of whos command?

Is this a bug or am I missing something

IPython v0.9.1-rev1145

Gökhan SEVER
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