[IPython-user] problem with emacs-server (V23)

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Wed Feb 25 09:21:37 CST 2009


I'm (i)python newbie which wants to learn python and use it for Django

So far, I'm very impressed with ipython - read several articles, watched
5-part videos, skimmed over docs...

I've pymacs/ropemacs installed along with ipython.el, but would like to
use 'edit' magic from ipython.

However, no matter what I do, ipython's edit invokes another (new)
instance of Emacs despite running Emacs with 'server-start'.

By rading docs: "If you are a dedicated Emacs user, you should set up the
Emacs server so that new requests are handled by the original
process. This means that almost no time is spent in handling the request
(assuming an Emacs process is already running). For this to work, you
need to set your EDITOR environment variable to ‘emacsclient’, I assume
that ipython should use running server, right?

I tried with this snippet:

(defvar server-buffer-clients)
(when (and (fboundp 'server-start) (string-equal (getenv "TERM") 'dumb))
  (defun fp-kill-server-with-buffer-routine ()
    (and server-buffer-clients (server-done)))
  (add-hook 'kill-buffer-hook 'fp-kill-server-with-buffer-routine))

but to no avail :-/

* I put 'dumb' instead of 'xterm' 'cause I've that in my .zshrc to
  handle zsh/tramp.

I'm running emacs-23, but tried with emacs-22.x and it is the same

Any hint?



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