[IPython-user] problem with emacs-server (V23)

Gour gour@mail.inet...
Thu Feb 26 06:23:42 CST 2009

>>>>> "Rohan" == Rohan Nicholls <rohan.nicholls@googlemail.com> writes:
Hi Rohan,

Rohan> Hi Gour, I unfortunately have no experience with your problem, as
Rohan> I run everything inside emacs, including ipython and any
Rohan> webserver I might be using.

Well, frankly speaking, I haven't been thinking to run webserver inside

Rohan> python-mode - the old one not the standard that comes with emacs

I use - python-mode-5.1.0 fetched from LP

Rohan> ipython.el - run ipython as your python shell 
Rohan> pymacs - allows for interoperability between python and elisp code 
Rohan> rope - refactoring (ide abilities) library for python 
Rohan> ropemacs - the emacs front-end for rope

Heh, that the same setup I use (I even 'maintain ropemacs for Archlinux
- http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=20976)

Rohan> And what you have is a really great environment.  

I also think so ;)

Rohan>  - run my webserver while retaining the interactive prompt, I
Rohan> have this almost working, with huge help from the ipython mailing
Rohan> list.

This sounds cool.

Rohan> Anyway, if you want my settings, let me know and I will post
Rohan> them, but I believe I have done that previously to the mailing
Rohan> list, so a search might be a lot faster.

Maye I already picked up your setup from some blog posts..

Rohan> Hope this helps, although it does not answer your question.

Well, the problem is that even when launching ipython from within emacs,
'edit' invokes a new session although I get warnings:

Warning (server): Emacs server named "server" already running

Using emacsclient file.txt from outside, e.g. from the terminal works
fine and closing the buffer (C-x #) exits as it is supposed to.

So, still hunting for the solution?

btw, do you use Emacs 22 or 23?



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