[IPython-user] problem with emacs-server (V23)

Gour gour@mail.inet...
Thu Feb 26 08:19:57 CST 2009

>>>>> "Rohan" == Rohan Nicholls <rohan.nicholls@googlemail.com> writes:

Rohan> Oh, sorry I was thinking for development, not actually running
Rohan> the server for production.  

Sure, it is clear that django's server is not for production, but I
'forgot' to do './manage.py runserver' within emacs :-)

Rohan> Okay, so you want it running, and then be able to break into the
Rohan> process, edit a file and have it updated in the running process.

Well, I was watching ipython 5-part video and wanted to check how 'edit'
works...that's how it started...

Rohan> oops, seems I am preaching to the converted. :)


..although it is still very much unexplored territory -
django/(i)python/rope/ropemacs...and let me confess that although I like
haskell and will use it for some desktop apps, I've decided to use
python/django for my web needs.

Rohan> I have not used edit.  I remember it being difficult, and it did
Rohan> not matter enough to me that I was prepared to put the effort
Rohan> into figuring out a solution.

Hmm, this is maybe very good advice, but good to know 'being difficult'



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