[IPython-user] ipython won't take >b< from the keyboard

Max Bane max.bane@gmail....
Sat Jan 31 14:31:07 CST 2009

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 1:32 PM, Glenn <grpython@sonic.net> wrote:
> I've done some more testing and have gotten results I don't understand.
> If I open a terminal window and start IPython when I'm logged in as user1,
> the letter 'b' works as expected. If I log in as user2, and then start
> IPython, 'b' acts like ^G (makes a sound, but doesn't insert the character).
> Either user I'm logged in as gives the same short Python session:

What happens if you try using a terminal program other than the
Terminal.app that comes with OS X? For instance, you could try iTerm:

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